PO – “The Year They Came Home: How the Horror Genre Can Save Its Own Skin”

“The horror genre is one beloved by many and heavily criticized by others. Its followers are devout, welcoming anything from the wide release, direct-to-video and foreign markets in spite of any hint of being formulaic, as long as the film checks off a number of criteria. The villains are revered, especially if their name is Jason, Michael or Freddy. Through thick and thin the fans stay true, and these are trying times, indeed. It often seems that no trend, old or new, can pick up a genre so reliant upon them out of its current funk. The genre will never die, but from a mainstream theatrical standpoint, the situation is damn near dire.

Look at the landscape of modern mainstream cinema. For the most part, what do you see? What are studios giving the green light? Well, take a look at the calendar and consider where everything usually goes. The comparative wasteland that is January through March consists of a hodgepodge of misfits that would never survive in the veritable battle royale that is summer, or the preview of awards season from October to December. Summer now loads itself with A-lister comedies and action films of all sorts, especially those where the protagonists wear spandex suits. October features a number of dramas looking to flex their Oscar-candidate muscle. Examples of each genre may pop up in different times of year, but for the most part, they’ve staked their claim as the dominant choice for their respective seasons.”

Check out the rest of the article at PopOptiq!

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