PO – “The Last Laugh: A Question of When, Not Who Will Have It.”

“All good things must come to an end. It’s a well-worn adage that everyone knows and has to come to terms with at one point or another. It’s funny sometimes that we can detect when something is nearing its conclusion without succinctly knowing the end date yet to be etched in stone. It forces us to enjoy the ride that much more. But of course, to remain just as cliché, when one door closes, another opens

Take into consideration today’s comedy actors that we so often revere; the Seth Rogens, James Francos, Jonah Hills, and basically anyone else has been a part of or recruited into the Apatow group of comedians. Since the premieres of Knocked Up and Superbad in 2007, comedies featuring these actors have reigned in Hollywood, firmly establishing and confirming the popularity of raunchy comedies. Since 2008’s Forgetting Sarah Marshall andPineapple Express, however, the only other film that has featured a sizeable chunk of this comedy crew was This is the End (2013).”

Check out the rest of the article over at PopOptiq!

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