PO – “Still Here Breathing Now: In Defense of ‘Jennifer’s Body’ (2009)”

“It could have done so well. All of the pieces seemed to be in place for something special. With two very popular actresses in Amanda Seyfried and Megan Fox, Diablo Cody coming off an Oscar win for her Juno screenplay, and early press inviting comparisons to cult-favorite Ginger Snaps (2000),Jennifer’s Body (2009) was set to be one of the hits of early fall. 20th Century Fox, or rather the now-defunct Fox Atomic, even exploited Fox’s sex appeal in advertising, and at that time, if there were any truth to the old adage that ‘sex sells,’ then this film would have hit an adolescent goldmine – which would have meant good business for 20th Century Fox, given the film’s $16 million budget.

It didn’t pan out like most would have suspected. The film never found its audience, practically limping its way through its theatrical run and finishing with $31.6 million. Critics didn’t take too kindly to Cody’s second effort, either. Although the film may have received a mixed to negative response, most of those who didn’t like it seemed to despise it. For example, some have said that Jennifer’s Body ‘falls into the dispiriting category of dumb movies made by smart people,’ that ‘the execution fails on almost every level,’ and that it ‘seems designed more to be quoted than watched.'”

Check out the rest of the article over at PopOptiq!

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