PO – “Enough Room for a Select Few: Why Reducing Marketing Costs is No Small Task”

A couple of articles ago, I described a “process of excitement” that filmgoers experience with each new release, especially if the film is the next entry in a franchise or directed by one of Hollywood’s top auteurs. We need everything that will help us bide our time until the film’s impending release date, and each successive news bit raises our excitement level that much more. Our giddiness burgeoning, we feel as though we might explode once we get our tickets and sit in our seats. That explosion gets projected onto the screen, and we come away from the experience with either satisfaction or disappointment.

But regardless of our ultimate feelings about the film, what do we do? Well, we just move on. Fairly quickly, actually. It doesn’t mean that we forget about the experience, or that it means any less, but we move on to the next big thing coming out in theaters. We live in a culture of instant gratification, and the desire we feel for every release is only made worse by conjested release schedules every late spring, summer and Oscar season. During these times of year, we are completely bombarded by potential blockbusters every week, including the heavier amounts of marketing accompanying every release to drive the undecided filmgoer crazy enough to shell out the cash necessary for a ticket.”

Check out the rest of the article over at PopOptiq!

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