PO – “Blinded By the Dollar Sign: The Problem with Hollywood’s Ballooning Budgets”

“The process of excitement for us filmgoers is normally the same. We hear about a film in development that appeals to us, especially if it’s the next entry in a popular franchise, and then we patiently wait for, or perhaps anxiously anticipate all that comes next: director, screenwriter and casting announcements, set photos and promotional artwork, a release date and the highly revered trailer. We think about so many factors leading into a film’s production, exponentially raising our level of enthusiasm for something that has yet to be released. One thing we don’t think about as much as we should, however, is how much the film costs to make.

We know that movies aren’t cheap for the studios, but perhaps we don’t think about total cost as much because things like trailers, or prior knowledge of a franchise, give us something of an approximation that will tell us, “Yes, that film cost a hefty sum to produce, and ‘x’ is about how much.” We, and perhaps even the studios, take for granted how much these movies cost, especially the franchise films. Big box office smashes have become the norm every blockbuster summer and Oscar season, and we’re losing sight of the fact that for some films, it’s taking more and more just to make a profit.”

Check out the rest of the article over at PopOptiq!

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