A Damn Good Place to Start…

Hello Potential Readers, If you know who I am, I don’t think I have to explain myself too much.  If you fall under the category of “someone who happened to stumble upon this blog” however, perhaps an explanation is in good order.  My name is William, I currently attend the College of William & Mary, and Film Studies is my groove.  I thoroughly enjoy engaging in formal analyses of the films I watch, whether I end up loving them or hating them (I have sat through every single film I set out to watch, except for one.  Never see The Pumpkin Karver.), and then writing down my thoughts.  I just enjoy writing about film, in general.  Trust me, my research papers about Hitchcock’s Psycho and its relation to the deterioration of the Production Code and how films of the German Expressionist movement provided the roots for slasher films from the 1980s were the most fun I have had completing a piece of academic writing.

Mostly, I love writing like a film critic, which is something I aspire to be.  I know my reviews are not of a professional caliber, but, like the title of this, my first post, suggests, this is a great way for me to try and hone my skills as I pay attention to the big names in film criticism.  So, for future reference, please excuse any inadequacies you may find in my writing.  It’s sure to get better with time. If you’d like to avoid my rambling, I suggest you stop now and wait for my first review to be posted, because now, I’d like to tell you a little about myself, assuming you don’t know me.

Critics are regular filmgoers just like everyone else, but often times, they are put on a pedestal by many (I know I’m guilty of this sometimes), built up to be the leading, superior voices of the qualities of cinema.  Because of their possible extensive education in the subject, it’s pretty hard to refute this.  I, however, like to believe that critics should place themselves among all other filmgoers so there isn’t a rift between the two, causing one group to feel superior to the other.  Therefore, I’d like to tell you all little about myself.

In terms of the sort of movies I like, I will watch just about anything.  I’m not going to give an entire list of the films I’ve seen and enjoyed because that list is far too long for even an ADHD-riddled person like me to keep track of.  I love all of the arts, whether it is film, theatre, music, or dance.  When I’m not watching movies, I’m likely to be listening to absolutely any subgenre of heavy metal.  I have an appreciation for some blues, jazz, and classical, as well.  Additionally, I’m an avid sports fan.  My favorite North American teams are the Vancouver Canucks, Seattle Seahawks, and Portland Timbers.  I have favorite teams outside of the continent, as well.  My two favorites are the Fremantle Dockers of the Australian Football League and Werder Bremen in the world of European soccer.

Finally, part of me believes that I am a Canadian living inside the body of an American.  I don’t know how this love affair with the Great White North got started, but I don’t really want it to end.  I will go around convincing people that I am Canadian until the day I die.  Weird?  Possibly.  But, you know what? I thrive on being strange, and I hope you do, too.  One of the worst things, in my mind, is to be considered normal.  But, since I’ve now started a film review blog entitled ‘cascadiancinephile,’ I don’t think I’m in danger of losing my battle against normalcy.  I think, for the moment, that I am finished with my rambling.  If you have cared enough to continue, I sure hope you will enjoy what I do with this blog.  I know personal enjoyment shouldn’t be hard for to find, no matter how many people decide to read.

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